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Investment Strategies
Mount Lucas offers three distinct investment strategies for clients who are seeking diversification, liquidity, and rigorous risk management. These strategies provide access to a range of asset classes, market segments, and investment styles through transparent, flexible investment vehicles.
Tailored Investment Programs
Within each strategy, Mount Lucas provides specifically targeted funds and investment programs. These targeted investments feature a subset of the asset classes, markets, or investment styles of the broader strategy. This focalization enables clients to more closely tailor their investments with Mount Lucas to their unique needs, investment objectives and risk thresholds. Clients can invest in an existing fund or program, or can work with Mount Lucas principals to develop a customized program within one or more of our strategies. Please register or contact Mount Lucas directly for more information.
Mount Lucas Investment Strategies
MLM Macro-Peak™ - A global macro strategy trading in the world’s major asset classes and financial markets.

MLM Index™ - A diversified index of the major futures markets, including commodities, currencies, and global fixed income.

MLM Focused Equity™ - A large cap equity strategy that selects stocks from the S&P 500 based on value and momentum criteria.